Basic Plan

Perfect for smaller nonprofits with fewer than 1,000 donors.

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Create Your Own Matching Gift Page

Effortlessly create a matching gift page that invites donors to search for their employer’s matching gift program and submit their request.

With our easy-to-use web tool, the matching gift page does not require any IT assistance to create and can be set up within minutes. Donors use your page to search for matching gift programs and to apply for matching gifts directly.

The custom matching gift page is part of both the Basic Plan and the Premium Plan.

Industry-Leading Matching Gift Data

Donors can access all the matching gift information that they need to both submit matches and help your organization raise more money.

With 20,000+ companies and subsidiaries representing 15+ million match-eligible individuals, Double the Donation’s database is the most comprehensive source of matching gift forms and instructions.

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Meet a nonprofit who has grown their matching gift revenue with Double the Donation’s tools.

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We have been so happy with your services. Our matching donations have tripled since we signed up with you.

Susan Sappington, Director of Development

Lazarex Cancer Foundation

Benefits of the Basic Plan

Ready to start growing your matching gift revenue?